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Dotty is with you at the moment of purchase

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An online version of a product tag-scanner

Take it with you to Nike, Sezane, Asos or wherever you love to shop online.

How it works

Sign up to the Dotty Community and download the Dotty plugin

Browse within your chosen store online with brand ratings displayed in your plugin drop-down

Your purchase will be recorded unto your personal Dotty account

After 14 days, Dotty will send you a link to share your rating of the purchase with the community

What the Dotty scoring is based on


50% Dotty Responsibility Score

Based on data automatically collected and merged from a number of independent indexes, certificate programmes, initiatives and more.

50% Dotty Community Rating

The trusted Dotty Community rates a brand post-purchase on four criteria: quality/price, style/comfort, perceived brand responsibility, brand experience

We are building Dotty for you and me both

For items that look good, longer (without sacrificing the joy of getting or rediscovering them)

For peace of mind from knowing that how we buy can make a difference

For connecting with everyone else who thinks like us

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